A Talk with Chef Brian Moll at La Tavola Italian Restaurant

A Talk with Chef Brian Moll at La Tavola Italian Restaurant

La Tavola has been named the best authentic Italian neighborhood restaurant in Atlanta, and it all comes down to the commitment of its staff. When I recently dined there back in December, I was blown away at how dedicated the staff was at giving their guests the best experience possible. I had the honor of trying the saltimbocca alla romana and the tagliatelle prepared by La Tavola’s new executive chef, Brian Moll.

Tell us a little about your background cooking.

Chef Brian Moll: I attended Pennsylvania State University and majored in nutritional sciences, then went on to graduate from Le Cordon Bleu with a certificate in culinary arts. From there, I relocated to Atlanta and accepted a line cook position at La Tavola in 2010. I’ve been with the restaurant ever since.

What woulBrianMoll2_LaTavolad you like people to know about your cooking at La Tavola?

Chef Brian Moll: La Tavola has been my home for many years.  The cooking here is a reflection of years of great chefs and tradition.  We strive to push the bar higher each year.

What makes your cooking unique?

Chef Brian Moll: My strong passion for Italian food and culture with a focus on working with our farmers.  We focus on simplicity and a balance of few ingredients, allowing the best products to shine.

What is your favorite dish to make and why?

Chef Brian Moll: Anything pasta. One of my favorites is one that is made with very little ingredients – Cacio e pepe.

Where are you from? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Chef Brian Moll: I’m from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  In 10 years I hope that I am stilBrianMoll4_LaTavolal doing what I love, creating memorable experiences for people through food.

Do you have any favorite pastimes other than cooking?

Chef Brian Moll: I’m really passionate about aquaponic  gardening. I maintain a 400 gallon system in my home that provides greens and herbs year-round. Space is limited in a condo, but this allows us to grow food just about anywhere while using very little resources.

What do you hope to inspire/accomplish by your cooking?

Chef Brian Moll: With a background in nutrition, La Tavola has been my place to really learn the building blocks of what makes delicious food: environment, technique and ingredients.  I want to inspire more people to simply “cook”, one of the most fundamental survival skills.  My hope is that more people know how to grow and cook their own food.  I love when guests come in and tell me how we inspired them to make a dish at home for their family or guests.

Photo credits: Will Manning from Heartwood Forge

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