How Automation Can Help Event Planning

How Automation Can Help Event Planning

Automation has become an event coordinators best friend. With all the multitasking an event coordinator has to do, they want all the tools to help. Now you can automate your social media posts, marketing emails, and content. So if you are in the events industry and aren’t using tech automation, you need to jump on the bandwagon. It’s such a time saver! Here are a few reasons why automation should be used to help you with your event.

1. Web Scheduling Automation
Event coordinators are known for being excellent multitaskers. However, during some months out of the year you could be juggling over five events at a time. With a colander filled with meetings, deadlines, and scheduling, it’s possible to forget about other tasks you need to do. So with automation, you can time out all your web content. This means you can schedule when invitations can be sent or when an email needs to be sent. Also, with all your scheduling online you can easily organize and time manage your event calendar.

2. Social Media Marketing Automation
Social media marketing is a great way to reach the masses and stay relevant. But there are is a lot of time needed to create a great social media marketing campaign that stand outs and gets the audience’s attention. Time can be wasted on simple posts needed everyday to keep a buzz. So automating your social media posts can save you time. This will also allow your team to focus on the more meaningful tasks that just busy work. Even though they are automotive, it is important to still make the messages as personal as possible.

3. Attendee Automation
Like I mentioned before, being personal with your audience is important. But you can be personal and automotive. To save money on labor hours, start using the latest apps that allow attendees to do the work for you. There are tools that allow the attendee to create their own schedule, connect with other attendees, and map out the site. You can also have automotive services to help attendees with basic questions. Don’t let redundant projects or basic tasks hinder staff efforts and slow down the event planning process. Instead, follow these tips to automate these different processes and have a successful event.


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