5 Course Dinner Featuring Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

5 Course Dinner with Jack Daniel's Whiskey

5 Course Dinner Featuring Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Jack Daniels's whiskey

I think I’ve found my new favorite restaurant! I was invited by my friends at CulinaryLocal to attend a 5 Course Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Dinner at Under the Cork Tree. And I enjoyed the experience so much, I returned to the restaurant a few days later for brunch (which was also amazing)! But first, I’ll tell you a bit more about our dinner.
The night began with the featured craft cocktail—Jack Rye and Coke Old Fashioned. You all know I’m an Old Fashioned girl, so this was a treat for me!

Steak at Under the Cork Tree

Next, we were served 5 courses of delightful dishes from the menu, specially curated by Chef Derek. And I must say, everything we ate was incredible! The flavor combinations were unique and delicious, and all the food paired well with the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey that was served with it.
You can be certain that I’ll be in attendance for the next special dinner at Under the Cork Tree. Actually, I’ll be doing a lot of dining (and drinking) there and spending lots of quality time sitting Under the Cork Tree. Won’t you join me?

For more events, check out www.corktreerestaurant.com, also on www.culinarylocal.com. It is the ticket host for several events. Bookmark both of these sites and follow them on the Instagram.

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